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Malfunctioning electronic nz slot machines are capable of indicating jackpot winnings far in excess of those advertised. Two such cases occurred in casinos in Colorado in 2010, where bugs led to indicated jackpots of $11 million and $42 million. Analysis of machine records by the state Gaming Commission revealed faults, with the true jackpot being substantially […]

Games that take you way back

The main goal is to become as successful as possible, and make a name for your house. Actions such as strategic use of war, marriages and assassinations being necessary, and even encouraged. The gameplay is open-ended, so that every player can achieve his or her goals by different means, making every action much more important, […]

How to Play Roulette

This time, I’m gonna run you through how to play Roulette, some strategies, some basic principles of the game and a little bit of history as well along the way. The game of Roulette then, what we have here. Roulette Wheel with 37, 37 different numbers. The 0 and all the numbers through to 36 […]

Advanced Slot Strategy

The “Play Through” slot playing strategy dovetails with the money management strategy outlined here. Let’s say you have budgeted $300 for a slot session. You might want to budget $50 or $100 per machine and hit three or more slot machines. Play the amount budgeted through each slot machine only. Do not play the from […]