Advanced Slot Strategy

The “Play Through” slot playing strategy dovetails with the money management strategy outlined here. Let’s say you have budgeted $300 for a slot session. You might want to budget $50 or $100 per machine and hit three or more slot machines. Play the amount budgeted through each slot machine only. Do not play the from the credit meter. The casinos make this a little difficult, because they want you to play from the credit meter, in the end they make more money that way because you lose more, faster. When you venture to a new slot machine, convert your budget for that machine to tokens before you start to play. If you want to play $100 in a quarter machine, buy $100 worth of tokens and play them through. When you are done, collect your credits and cash them in.

This is similar to the Play Through Strategy above. Take the requisite amount of tokens and play them through, with a jackpot stop point. That is, if you hit a jackpot before you have played through your budgeted tokens, take the money and run.

Many slot players insist that the best time to gamble is after the tourists have left, late Sunday night into early Monday morning or after any major holiday. The theory is that novice gamblers will not generally play max coins and the slot machines will be “primed” to pay off. The early morning is a good time to play slots for the abovementioned reasons plus the fact that you will probably have an easier time choosing a machine.

Serious slot players must restrict their play to casinos in jurisdictions where slot results are published. Play the highest denomination that you can afford. Play at casinos that offer the most generous comps.

Success at slots is much like success at blackjack or video poker. If you follow the “correct” strategy, play a “perfect” game, and use your slot club card at all times you will do very well at a tough game. You may not win a lot of money, but you will have a lot of fun and get a lot of free vacations in the form of comps.

There is some truth that the higher denomination machine payoff slightly more often than the smaller denomination slot machines. The nickel and quarter machines usually pay the least, while the $100.00 slot machines pay off the most often.

It is also true that if you are a regular player, and play a lot the casino may consider you a preferred customer. These preferred customers may be given rewards by the casino in an attempt to keep their business. So it may be to your advantage to stay with only one casino and do all of your gaming at the same place.