Casino culture exists in Morocco – that’s all!

Morocco, in a few words, is the perfect paradigm of a country that does contain a blend of several influences ranging from Jewish, Islamic to European. Morocco, in point of fact, happens to be a kingdom (on the whole a constitutional monarchy) in the territory of northwestern Africa. The country has a sizeable Muslim population and did gain independence from France in 1956. Thanks to the strong influence of Islamic culture, the saga of gambling in the domain of the nation is completely minimal. Well, since the word minimal has been used, it does indicate that there is a slight presence of gambling in Morocco.

Casino happens to be the only form of legalized gambling in the domain of Morocco. There is no other form of legitimate gambling in the country and the concentration of casinos is found in the premier metropolises of Agadir, Marrakech, and Tangier. Each one plays a crucial role in Morocco whereas Tangier happens to be a metropolis of northern Morocco situated at the west end of the Strait of Gibraltar.

When all’s said and done five casinos are in these cities and these are Casino Le Mirage and Shem’s Casino D’Agadir in Agadir, Casino de Marrakech & Hotel Es Saadi and Le Grand Casino de Mamounia in Marrakesh and Movenpick Hotel and Casino Malabata in Tangier. The most prominent and largest casino in the domain of Morocco is the La Mamounia in Marrakesh and it does consist of 37 table games along with 640 slot and video poker and games machines.

There is no denial of the fact, even though Islam strictly prohibits gambling, that presence of comparatively non interventionist form of Islam lets the casino culture exist in Morocco. Is it thriving too? It can’t be said with conviction even if newer features are being added in the casinos.