Games that take you way back

The main goal is to become as successful as possible, and make a name for your house. Actions such as strategic use of war, marriages and assassinations being necessary, and even encouraged. The gameplay is open-ended, so that every player can achieve his or her goals by different means, making every action much more important, but also giving a sense of free will. An impressive number of expansion packs, DLCs and mods are available for Crusader Kings 2, making it a highly appreciated title, and Paradox’s second most successful release after Cities: Skylines. Besides the impressive direct combat, Mount & Blade: Warband offers, there are also other more complex aspects present in its gameplay. For example, you can opt to become the ruler of a faction and gain power over other lords, making them your faithful vassals, or you can choose to marry a lady of the realm for romantic reasons, or for pure political advantages. By commanding your band of brave companions, you’ll be able to expand your lands, fight your way through harsh wars, and ultimately become worthy of the throne of Calradia. Set both in medieval and the Renaissance periods, Anno 1404 offers a complex gameplay that includes city-building, economic simulation and real-time strategy elements. The players are able to create and manage their properties alongside other AI entities. Actions such as colonizing islands, planning settlements and starting naval or terrestrial fights are just some of the elements that contribute to the extremely solid world of Anno 1404. It is one of the most appreciated titles of the series, and it should definitely be tried by all the medieval game aficianados.

A historical real-time strategy, Stronghold focuses on conquering new areas of land and expanding your territories through military force. But it also offers the possibility to use a strategy based on economy and development. Taking place in medieval Britain around the year of 1066, Stronghold’s gameplay can span over long periods of time, even for hundreds of years after the initial date where you started. The player takes the role of a lord that must make his kingdom thrive by creating a steady economy, building powerful armies for defense and to reconquer the lands taken by other rival lords. Combining turn-based strategic rounds with real-time tactically-orientated battles, Medieval II:Total War is based on medieval warfare, religion and political elements. Its storyline takes place between the years of 1080 and 1530, and includes territories from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The gameplay has two modes: battles and single-player campaign, the battles being available in multi-player, in user-defined scenarios or in historical settings that simulate real wars. In the campaign, the player can take control of a faction, and build a civilization in order to defeat other factions and take control of at least 45 rival territories. The second title of the Age of Empires game series, The Age of Kings, takes place during the Middle Ages and offers a number of thirteen playable civilizations.

The player’s goal is to gather resources that help them build towns and armies in order to gain enough power to defeat their enemies and conquer territories. Five historically-based campaigns are available where the player is constricted to follow some specialized and story-backed conditions. In addition to these, three additional single-player game modes and multi-player modes are also supported. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings spans over a thousand-year period and is an extremely respected medieval gaming title, being the inspiration for many other titles that came after it.