How to Play Roulette

This time, I’m gonna run you through how to play Roulette, some strategies, some basic principles of the game and a little bit of history as well along the way. The game of Roulette then, what we have here. Roulette Wheel with 37, 37 different numbers. The 0 and all the numbers through to 36 and what we’re going to be doing is teaching you and showing you all of the different betting scenarios in the game of Roulette. Now Roulette is a game of chance.

It’s also what I always say, it’s a game of risk and reward and I will teach you the risky bets, I’ll teach you the in-between bets and I’ll teach you the very very safe bets as well. In the game of Roulette, you can play riskily or you can play a little bit more aggressive. Let’s look at the really safe bets first and visit this website. These are the Outside Chances.

Outside Chances mean that by placing a chip on maybe 1 to 18, or maybe red, or maybe odd numbers, you’re giving yourself 18 of the different numbers on the Roulette Wheel here. 18 of the 37 different scenarios will be winning ones for you. Obviously, that’s not a very big risk, so we don’t give you the biggest of rewards. If you look at here, low numbers; 1 to 18.

If the number that’s in the wheel at the moment, number 15, You bet four chips, you win four chips as simple as that. If you bet again, if it’s a black number, you bet 3 chips on black, black comes in, you double it up, it’s as simple as that. The only thing to watch out for when you do these Outside Bets, they’re very safe bets, but the 0 is not a winning bet on the Outside Chances. Low risk, low return, a nice way to start playing the game of Roulette is with the low risk bets. The Outside Chances we call them, 18 numbers in your favor. You get paid even money and double your winnings if you have a winning return on the wheel.

Following on then from those Outside Chances where you bet 18 numbers with one chip, The next least risky way of playing, fairly safe, is to do something like this, it’s called a Dozen, or the “Cousin of the Dozen” which is the Column Bets that run up the table. Now, by doing these bets, what you’re doing is you’re giving yourself 12 of the different numbers on the wheel in your favor. In this case, there it is, first 12, very much self-explanatory.

You’re betting all the numbers here 1 to 12. If you’re gonna do the Column Bets, the Column Bets here run all up the table, the twelve numbers that run up the table there. If you have a winning chip, a little bit more risky than betting the 18 numbers on the outside, you’re only betting on 12 this time. So we’re gonna pay you a little bit more, rather than being paid once, when you bet a Dozen you get a triple return if you’re a winner. Again on the Column there, each one you bet you win two more.

Betting the Columns, betting the Dozens, 12 numbers in your favor. If you win you get paid at 2/1 odds. Right, we’ve covered the Outside Chances, ways of backing 18 numbers with one chip, we’ve covered the 12 numbers on the Dozens and the Columns, you can’t do 11, 10 , 9, 8 or 7, what you can do though is you can bet 6 different numbers with one chip. What’s it called? It’s called a Six Line, how’d you place it? On the little T-junction here.

If you place it here you’re covering all of the numbers there, numbers 4 to 9 inclusively. If you move it down a little bit here you’re covering the numbers 7 to 12 inclusively. That covers six numbers, you’ve got 6 of the 37 numbers on the Roulette Wheel now.

So the risk is increasing isn’t it as we go along? Good news is, so is the return as well. So if in this example, the winning number, we’ll drop the Dolly on it there, is the number 11, you will get paid at 5/1 odds for any of your chips on a winning Six Line. 5, 10 out they go.

We’re getting a little bit more return as we go along now aren’t we? Six different numbers for you, , pays 5/1 odds, they’re called a Six Line. Right, we’ve covered the Outside Chances, we’ve covered the Dozens, we’ve covered the Six Lines. You can’t cover 5 numbers with one chip, you can though, very very easy and very popular bet this one. Something called a Corner, that’s what they’re known as. A Corner is when you bet with four different numbers with one chip.

There it is, it’s touching the four different numbers. You can maybe, if you like number 8, you can put it all the way around there. If number 8 comes you’ve got four winning chips, if number 5 comes you’ve got two.

They’re called a Corner, they’re ways of betting on the four numbers you’re touching with one chip. 37 numbers in the wheel, four of them are yours this time around. We’re getting fairly risky aren’t we in our betting?

So we’re getting a nice return instead of winning one, two or five chips this time, eight winning chips for you when you have a winner. These are called Corners, they pay 8/1, very very nice, popular way of playing. Now there is a lovely bet that not a lot of people know, it’s called the Zero Corner or the first four, you can encompass the zero in it. You pop it on that little spot there.

Where 0 and 1 meet on the outside. That gives you the first four numbers; 0, 1, 2 and 3. A nice way to play including the zero, 8/1 odds, that’s a Corner Bet for you. We can also do a nice bet, we’ve covered four numbers, we can do a little bit more risk.

We’re gonna cover three numbers now, it’s called a Street, there it is. That runs down the table there, that’s a Street Bet, 7, 8, 9. That’s a Street Bet there 1, 2 and 3. Again, of these 37 numbers on the Roulette Wheel, we’re only gonna bet three of them now. It’s a fairly high risk strategy only betting three numbers. So, we get a lovely big return.

11 to 1 is the return for a Street. In this example here, this would be a winning chip if the Dolly was placed on the number 8 and we’d pay you, there they go, 11 chips for betting on a Street, 11 – 1 odds. Nice return for you. The next of our bets is a very very popular one. In the French it’s a very old, traditional French game of Roulette, It’s called a Chaval or a Split. Here’s an example of a Split, 4 – 7.

You’re splitting your stake between just the two numbers now. You’re getting a very very nice return for this. You’ve only got two of the 37 number in your favor, so we’re going to give you a lovely return. If you like, 4 – 7, perhaps you like 7 – 10. Two numbers in your favor, if number 4 or number 7 in this example is a winner, 17/1 odds, You keep the chip of course on the number, plus there’s your seventeen chips.

That’s a lovely return isn’t it.? High risk, high return, that’s the name of the game. Risk and reward, lots of risk, lots of reward on a Split or a Chaval. 17/1 odds when you get a winner. The highest risk, the highest return in Roulette is the En Plein or the Straight Up. It’s when you place your chip on just one number.

You’re not limited to betting on one number at a time, you can maybe do a selection of different numbers in Straight Up Bets like this. If you find the winning chip, if you find the winning result, a Straight Up there, just like that. If it was the number 8, we’ll pay you odds of 35/1. As an example, if this chip was a £5 or a 5 Euro chip, the £5 bet would return you 175 at 35/1 odds. It’s the most risky bet, it’s the most rewarding bet, getting a Straight Up is a really really good one for you and your E-wallet.

In Roulette, people quite often forget the green number on the wheel, the odd one out, the zero. Now, you get paid the same. It’s a very very commonly asked question, “How much do you get paid for the zero?” Exactly the same as all of the other numbers. If you bet on the zero like that, Straight Up, and En Plein, 35/1 odds, just like every other number on the Roulette Wheel.

Altogether, there are seven different ways to play the zero. Let’s run through them briefly so you know your options. You can play the zero Straight Up like that, you can play three different Chavals or Splits, here they are. 0-1, 0-2, or 0-3.

They’re all 17/1 returns betting two numbers, 0-1, 0-2, 0-3. There’s a nice little way of playing three numbers here, on the T-junction, Let’s have a good look at them. 0-1-2, this one here is 0-2-3. 11/1, it’s like a Street placement. The last one of the seven different placements here, is that lovely little one, the Zero Corner, the first four, 0, 1, 2 and 3. It’s the least risky way of playing the zero, it return’s you 8/1 chips and it’s a first four bet.

0, 1, 2 and 3. So all together, seven different ways of playing the zero. It’s not necessarily the house number, you can have a very very big win yourself on the zero with one of these seven different chip placements on the zero.