San Francisco and Contracts: The eSports Show

Good afternoon, good evening or good morning depending on where in the world you are watching! For those in Europe; I hope your week on A-Series went better than mine, for those in America; did you enjoy your season 3 finals as much as I did? And for those in the rest of the world; did you get all your missions done?

I’m Luke Kneller and this, is the International eSports show. Before we discuss the finals of the WGL North America we have to talk about three sponsorships: First, EUs ex-Dragonborns; Odem Mortis, have been signed by TCM Gaming! TCM have teams from multiple games and were known as eSourceUK from 2005 until they rebranded in 2010. Not only that but Urallfish from SPALE has joined them!

I wish them the best of luck and success in the near-future. In ASIA; MindFreak drops their tanks team whose performance had been on a steady decline since Supernova AU. Last but not least; the famous European eSports team Fnatic fly across the Atlantic to pick up their first North American team: Fulcrum Gaming, such a fantastic step for your Tanks eSport scene. Fnatic; a name that’s been around since 2004, is one of the most successful eSports teams to date, known for great teams in many different genres including FPS, Moba and RTS.

Announced a day before their 3rd WGL North America finals can they take the 3rd season in a row? Let’s find out: Spirits were high for both teams as the coin toss goes to SIMP; they defer to Fnatic who pick Mines. SIMP gets to pick side and goes for north. Let the finals begin! Fnatic get the head start by taking out two SIMPs.

Now 5 vs 3, Fnatic storm over the hill but SIMP held on strong using the quick burst of two T69s and a Pershing to crush the forces of Fnatic. Sov13t in his 13 90 was all that was left. He assaults the Pershing whilst the T69 was on reload but SIMP captain MacG in his T1 takes a track shot to protect the Pershing! This brought enough time for Crimson’s t69 to reload finishing Sov13t.

Game 1: SIMP. Map number two; Himmelsdorf. Fnatic push into the D line catching Adroxis on his own, however they failed to get out of the D line before the 50 100s of SIMP arrived to lay waste to Fnatic. At the same time two T1s from SIMP move into Fnatics base! The fight continues and it looks good for Fnatic but the cap is getting close… Friction and Antonio are on the way back… 3…2…1 the T1s are taken out… but it’s too late! The cap was complete.

Game 2: SIMP. Now down two casino games Malaysia; Fnatic need a win. Map number three; Ensk. Fnatic kills both of SIMPs T1s early and then pushes in against SIMP. Such aggression from Fnatic in these games but yet again SIMPs defence is too strong and Fnatics attack is slowed to a near halt.

It comes down to the wire again and it looks over for Fnatic as Hugo is down to 150hp and captain Nagatron’s 50 100 is clipping. In a bold move, Nagatron swoops in with his still-clipping 50 100 and absorbs the damage… It’s close, but the 50 100 reloads and finishes SIMP.

Game 3: Fnatic.

Map number 4; Cliff. SIMP take control right from the start and there was nothing Fnatic could do. SIMP takes the map with ease… This is it, match point for SIMP. If they win just one more map they take the finals!

Could this be the first time they topple the near undefeated Fnatic!?

Map number 5; Prokhorovka. Fnatic rush in against SIMP without delay but it wasn’t enough; SIMPs defence was too strong. 4-1; SIMP has done what many thought impossible and defeated Fnatic become the second ever WGL North American champion.

Congratulations; well fought. Captain of Team Razor’s SIMP MacG then revealed their secret: They’ve watched and studied Virtus.Pro, LemmingTrain and Na`vi, all season and practice hard. It just shows what hard work can do.